Pavati Legacy Drift Boat

Fly fishing is an art that we appreciate and hold dear to our hearts. We wanted to build the first all aluminum drift boat made SPECIFICALLY for fly fishing - and we have done it. Our Pro-Staff of hard-core Spey, Center-pin, and Single hand fly fisherman teamed up with our entire engineering team to accomplish something that had not been done before. Introducing the "Legacy" fly fishing Drift boat. Snag free line decks, Front and Rear Rod tubes, Padded and adjustable fly fishing stands, Front and Rear Wader Access doors, True full level floors, hands free CNC tape measure for quick fish lengths, on the fly seat and weight adjustments, and the only side foot stomp anchor release are just a few of the built in features on every Legacy Model. All of that combined with aircraft aluminum construction, a vacuum sealed UHMW bottom, and a computer designed Hull ensures the lightest, easiest to row, shallowest running fly fishing specific drift boat on the market today. As you safely release a monster brown trout out of one of the Legacy's side doors- you will wonder to yourself, "Why didn't anyone think of this before". Read more to see why this drift boat, from Montana to Patagonia, is truly in a league of it's own.

standard features

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Pavati Legacy Features

Patented Locking Anchor Nest ™

This anchor setup has an anchor nest with a lock to keep the anchor from jumping out during travel, a spot for your drain plugs, a block and tackle setup for easy pulling, and the anchor release mechanism.

Patented Locking Anchor Nest ™Patented Locking Anchor Nest ™Patented Locking Anchor Nest ™Patented Locking Anchor Nest ™

ultimate rowers seat

This is a sore subject with Chuck... Literally. He could never understand why the rower had to sit on uncomfortable ropes or straps all day or a hard plastic tractor seat, while the passengers got nice comfortable high backed padded seats. But this seemed to be the industry standard -- sore backs and sore butts. We set out to design the first row seat that was made for long days and lots of them. An oversized, overstuffed seat pad was a must. Then we designed a flexible, removable seat back that gives you the back support you need without intruding on those big strokes in tight situations. Now the rower's seat is the best spot in the boat- and it's about time.

Ultimate Rowers SeatUltimate Rowers SeatUltimate Rowers SeatUltimate Rowers Seat

12 position oar lock

When you get your new Pavati drifter you want everything to be perfect. Having the oar locks in the right place is essential. Eight different positions ensures that you will get the most leverage you can for those times when you need all the horsepower you can muster. If you want to fish 1-1-1 (three in a row), for the popular side drifting technique, you may want to move your row seat forward to balance the boat. This means you will need to move the oar locks too. No matter how you want to set your boat up, fly fishing, bait fishing, or pulling plugs, our simple clip locks allow you to move the oarlocks to the optimum position in seconds.

On top of that we offer you "Kenny Helfrich's" stainless steel - super strong - oar locks. Kenny, a third generation Eugene Oregon area guide, developed these oar locks to not only be super strong but to stop your oar from climbing up the side of the oar lock with each stroke as most do. If you've rowed a boat much you've probably noticed the thump, thump, after each stroke. That noise is the oar dropping back to the bottom of the oarlock. Also, in a real tough situation, these oar locks are designed to flex enough to allow your oars to pop out of these oar locks. Kenny says, "These are the last pair of oar locks you will ever own." -- That's good enough for us.

12 Position Oar Lock12 Position Oar Lock12 Position Oar Lock12 Position Oar Lock

Patented Grab Handles

Pavati has added handy grab handles to the sides of the hull. Just below the gunnel rail near the oar locks, we have programmed in computer cut holes. These make it easy to pick the boat up or portage around logs/skinny spots in the river.

Patented Grab HandlesPatented Grab HandlesPatented Grab HandlesPatented Grab Handles

stainless steel cupholders

When it comes to cup holders in a boat, you can never have too many. They are great spots for everything, including scissors, pliers, scents, sun block, and even the occasional cold drink!

Stainless Steel CupholdersStainless Steel CupholdersStainless Steel CupholdersStainless Steel Cupholders

Hexagon Floor Ribs

Our patented Hexagon Floor Braces have been computer designed by our engineers to act not only as the backbone of the boats structure, but also to hold the true intended shape of the boat. Other manufacturers use a wood or steel jig that forces the boat into its shape, then it's welded and removed from the jig. This puts a lot of unwanted stress on the hull and doesn't make for a very consistent manufacturing process - the boats "bounce back" a little after it's removed from the jig. Much like an airplanes wing, Pavatis Hexagon Stiffeners are the jig. They are cut out by CNC machines to the exact shape that is desired, then welded into the boat permanently to insure the correct and original design is accomplished. To top it all off, we punch hundreds of "Hex" holes into the stiffeners, removing an excess weight yet still keeping the strength in tact. The result: the strongest and lightest stiffeners possible!

Hexagon Floor RibsHexagon Floor RibsHexagon Floor RibsHexagon Floor Ribs

the "truth" scale

How many times have you wanted to know how long your fish was to see if it was legal to keep? Or just to brag about? In the past you had to drag out a tape measure, if you could find it, or just guess. Not only was this inconvenient but a lot of fish died because we didn't get them back in the water in time. PAVATI continues to set the pace with scales on both sides of your drift boat as standard equipment. The computer numerical controlled (CNC) designed, "THE TRUTH", tape measures make measuring fish and leaders a one man job. Measure your fish in seconds and let it go. Up to 60 inches. PAVATI drift boats not only catch fish, they save them too! Not a sticker, it's engraved right in the aluminum. Great for measuring leaders too.

The "truth" ScaleThe "truth" ScaleThe "truth" ScaleThe "truth" Scale

Quick-Lock Floor System ™

Everyone changes, and every serious fisherman needs a boat that will change with him. That's why we invented the Quick-Lock Floor System ™, a system that allows you to add, move, replace, and upgrade everything in the boat; from seats to rod holders and leaders.

This is the easiest and most customizable seat system available in any boat today, without exception. In a matter of seconds, with no tools required, you can completely rearrange your boat to adjust for weight, gear and different fishing styles. Add or remove seats to lighten the load or add an additional fisherman. Reposition your foot rest exactly where you want it. Add heater systems, tackle boxes, rod holders and other accessories that all work with the same simple system.

Quick-Lock Floor System ™Quick-Lock Floor System ™Quick-Lock Floor System ™Quick-Lock Floor System ™

The Most comfortable Drift boat seats ever Built

Pavati Drift boat seats are unlike any drift boats seats ever made. To keep weight down drift boat manufacturers typically use cheap off the shelf plastic seats. Not only are they cheap and have to be replaced constantly, they also aren’t very comfortable after a full day on the river. Comfort is a must with Pavati so our in-house master upholsterers designed and built the world’s first light-weight comfortable drifter seat that will hold up to the elements. We use only the most premium Marine vinyl, super dense overstuffed padding, lightweight composite backs and bottoms, and all aluminum and stainless hardware to create the nicest drift boat seat ever built- Period.

The Most Comfortable Drift Boat Seats Ever BuiltThe Most Comfortable Drift Boat Seats Ever BuiltThe Most Comfortable Drift Boat Seats Ever BuiltThe Most Comfortable Drift Boat Seats Ever Built

the pavati legacy in action