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Glenn & Peggy

I don’t use Facebook but thought that maybe you could post this if you want. Since we picked the boat up at the end of June we have spent multiple days drifting for bass on the Umpqua, crabbed in several local bays and multiple days fishing for salmon. Attached is a photo of one of the wild coho we caught, just prior to release. Hopefully the coming rains will be enough to start drifting the rivers. Everywhere we go we receive compliments regarding the features and quality of the boat. People who fish/crab with us are impressed with the stability, room and comfort of the boat. The doors have made it very easy for our yellow labs, grandkids and friends to get into and out of the boat. We also wanted to thank you and the rest of the Pavati team for meeting or exceeding all the commitments made to us during the process of getting this boat. I do have a friend with one complaint – he wants a power winch on the trailer, I told him he could call you for a quote.

Glenn & Peggy |

Harvey & Charlotte Frese

Acquiring a new drift boat last month was a real positive experience. After building and owning about 40 boats in my life, one last boat was on my “bucket list”. The Pavati choice was made after a lot of hours of research and comparisons. Learning the Pavati story, the company staff we met, and the resulting pride of ownership are the three main highlights of the purchase. You and your family no doubt have a world of experience in designing, bending, welding and finishing aluminum products. Taking that background and resource into a totally separate finished product and new industry dynamics had to have led to some real serious family decisions-well done! Your Pavati website has the answers to almost any question a prospective buyer might have. Over hours of repetitive review we felt like we knew the presenters and the product well. When I met Zack he quickly became a valued mentor/counselor. It was fun as he coached me in finding the model, accessories, colors and options. We are all benefiting from his time on the water and understanding of the boat design and features. You get the idea he loves what he does. The build crew members I met were also very friendly and helpful. On top of that, they all seemed happy with their jobs and product. Is that important? Yes, it tells a customer a great deal. And finally, once you have the boat home the pride of ownership is reinforced every time you turn around. A serious fisherman could look at a drift boat as just a tool. The Pavati is that tool - one special tool. It could be overlooked by some, but as our boat sits those many other days, in the garage between the PU and car, it is full time instant satisfaction.

Harvey & Charlotte Frese |

Randy Rogers

I knew I had to have a Pavati, while I was on a "test float" with a buddy of mine. I have had both Alumaweld, and Riverwolf drift boats. Pavati really did think of all the little things, such as the level floors inside chine. We do a lot of plugging and the big boat just skips across the top of the water. Angles are very important in a river; the boat does what you want it to do at all time. My son is a fishing guide and with both fly stands his clients have the ability to fish safely. The sides of the boat are just the right height and angle to keep the big water out. Finally the doors; WOW! They are not only functional on the water; they are awesome on the land. You will use them all the time. I think I need to mention the trailer, the backup lights are very useful but, the catwalk is something you will love. The boat trailer package is just cool! The last thing you need to know about Pavati, is their service. Zach went above and beyond! We had many questions regarding the boat purchase and he answered them all. Zach is also a fisherman himself and that matters when you are selling to fisherman. I hope Pavati realizes how important it is to have people like Zach working for their company.

Randy Rogers | Missoula, Montana


I bought my boat 16’ 61” guardian a month ago and have fished it several times since. This boat not only looks sharp but performs just as well! The interior design makes configuring easy on the fly which is huge for me fishing several different methods and tributaries. It tracks well and is super smooth on the water! I can not say enough about the boat, highly recommend test rowing one and you will see the difference! When you make a huge purchase, you want someone that is going to answer questions, not be pushy and work for you to ensure you are satisfied....  and that is exactly what Zach did! Team Pavati made an awesome investment by bringing Zach to the team!! Thank you again Zach, keep up the exceptional work!!!

Thomas | Oregon


I’m on my fourth Pavati drift boat and just about every day a client will tell me that it’s the nicest boat they’ve ever been in. I hear "man this is the Bentley or Lexus of drifters" all the time! Pavati’s innovation, attention to detail and craftsmanship are all superb. But the boats aren’t just pretty to look at. They are extremely comfortable, stable and, most importantly, great to fish out of. Though my 18 footer is a big boat, it’s nimble enough that I can take it through tight, boulder-filled canyons with no issues. It’s a side-drifting machine and I can also backtroll plugs in pretty hot water without having to work hard. I couldn’t be happier with the boats I have had from Pavati and the really cool thing is they seem to be getting even better every time I get a new one! The company has always stood behind the brand and they have a good crew of people over there who you’ll likely become friends with. I can’t count the times Pavati staff have invited me to come up and go fish with them. Great boats, great people!

JD Richey | California


My Dad bought one of your Warrior models this year and it is above and beyond what we ever expected. My step mom who has back and knee problems has no issues getting in and out of it. It is the only reason she is able to still go down the river with my Dad. Thanks for producing such an amazing product! Just wanted to thank you all. I hope everyone at the PAVATI family has a Merry Christmas!

Kody | Oregon


Got the boat on the water today. Rowed 20 plus miles in 4 hours. High water. From 4500 Cfs to 10,000 Cfs. Two different rivers. Started out on the roaring fork.  Ended up on the Colorado. Stereo system does rock out out. Boat handled like a dream. Took another experienced oars men with me. He said it handled the best he has ever felt. Felt like rock stars on the river. Lots of looks and the boat definitely was the best on the river!”

John | Colorado


Hey guys, I had an awesome summer and fall in the nicest boat on any river I fished. I couldn’t be happier with the whole package. My clients this year were amazed with the boat and its performance. At one of the holes on the Humptulips river I had another guides client step out of his boat and rolled right into the water. Got up and pointed at my Pavati and claimed ” thats the boat I need to be in” I just smiled and opened the doors and let my guys out.

Darryl | Washington


My wife Ann and I are very impressed with the level of technology and engineering you have invested in your products.  But most of all we are impressed with the craftsmanship and performance.  We are nearing 75 miles of float time and I have to tell you that my Pavati Legacy performs as advertised, exceeding my expectations in every way.  From put in to take out, the performance resonates into our fishing experience with both profound and subtle influences.  All of the things I have been complaining about all these years with my old boat….are fixed.  Function is an understatement.  Stability is the best in the business.  Durability is bullet proof. Comfort and Rower fit is awesome.  I even had a buddy try for two days of floating the Bighorn try to pick it apart and find a reason not to own one.  This is truly a product you should be proud of. Fly-fishing is my passion.  I am obsessed with it and now I have the tool that, to quote you: “is a game changer” I am already making plans to visit, explore and fish places that most folks put on their bucket lists.  Heck, in four weeks we have hit the South Fork of the Snake, the Bighorn and the North Platte at Grey Reef.  I can’t wait till the next trip and having this boat in the mix makes planning the next adventure a blast in itself.  I have to admit, my wife finds me sitting in it a lot in the garage.  Now she knows why I named it the “Concubine”!

Joe | Colorado

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