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Why Pavati

What is the Pavati difference? Here are the top 50 reasons why a Pavati drift boat stands alone above the competition. We call it "The Drift Boat 50"
Boat Feature Pavati Marine Aluminum Competitors Fiberglass Competitors
Transferable Lifetime Warranty
Powdercoated interior & exterior
Factory direct customization - no dealers
Most comfortable drift boat seats
Easiest & fastest to clean
Diamond punched elite sides
Side in-floor anchor system
Vacuum sealed UHMW bottom
Drifter Doors (the only Drift Boat with doors)
16 patents and counting
True level floors (no step-ups or downs)
Padded / upholstered rower's seat
Magnetic side trays for tools
Most deluxe drift boat trailer on the market
Wave Cutter Bow
Quick-Lock Floor System
Extra large side storage compartments
Patented hexagon floor ribs
Locking Anchor Nest
"The Truth" integrated fish measuring system
Patented grab handles
Removable diamond plate floor
Minimum 10 cupholders in a stock boat
Custom foam kit
Armrests on all seats
Unlimited color selections
Greater carrying capacity
Built with 6061 Aerospace aluminum
Lightest boat, option for option
Zero repair costs
Highest resale value
Used by Military and Law Enforcement
Chemical free
Custom wrap options
Built-in pizza oven
No risk of damage running a propane heater
Extrusions on every seam
75+ year old technology
Requires bottom coat maintainance
Cracks easily on rocks
Petrolium based
Breaks down and rots in the sun
Glued together
Wet paint and Zolatone
Bound by moulds
Flexes when walking on floor
Irritates skin upon contact
Zero customization options
Gel coat rubs off
Susceptible to "water rot"

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