2024 16×61 Pavati Guardian



We have a brand new 2024 16×61 Pavati Guardian with custom Woody design ready to fish!! This Stunning 16×61 Guardian features UHMW bottom protection, powder coated interior, custom powder coated floors and boxes, pizza oven line deck with 6 cupholders and casting stand, Heater kit for pizza oven, rod butt holder, and tackle tower with 3 plano storage boxes, foot stomp anchor system, deluxe aluminum trailer with cat walk and spare tire, alpha row seat and 2 alpha passenger seats on dry storage boxes, custom Sawyer square top oars with carbon flex blades, as well as all our standard features built in!!! This is such a sweet set up so CALL NOW!! and get all the details on this new build!!! No more climbing over the side of the boat and falling on your face or ripping your waders!



This boat will be gone in the blink of an eye!!! – SOLD!



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